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-> Lincore 60-0
Brand -> Lincoln Electrodes

Hard face Rockwell C: 55-60. Deposits primary carbides in a eutectic austenite-carbide matrix. Use 803 flux to improve bead appearance and operator appeal. For hardfacing carbon/low alloy, manganese and stainless steel, and cast iron.

Use with Lincoln 803 Flux.

Category -> Mig Wire [C] .. Mig Hard Facing [C07]
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25 Lb Spool
ED031131 Lincore 60-O .045 25# Steel SP $12.39 24% Off Details
   Qty Discounts
   $8.80/LB* [Save 29%] Order 100+ LB*

$234.50 25/LB*
($9.38 LB*)

50 Lb Coil
ED019887 Lincore 60-0 5/64 50Lb Coil $11.36 24% Off Details $429.50 50/LB
($8.59 LB )

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